Cassper Gets Trolled For Wanting To Be A Billionaire

"...majority of people sleep with empty stomachs"

By  | Feb 24, 2021, 04:21 PM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

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Rapper and businessman, Cassper Nyovest gets trolled by Mzansi after tweeting that he’s going to be a billionaire.

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It all started when US billionaire rapper and husband of songstress, Beyonce Knowles, JayZ was announced as a new partner to Moet Hennesy by his follower, @therealdaddymo1: “Moet Hennesy announces partnership with JayZ with the acquisition of 50% of his Champagne Armad de Brignac. “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business mann.”  
Cassper re-tweeted that tweet and replied: “Izinja bafethu!!! BLACK EXCELLENCE INSPIRING!!!”
The rapper got so inspired by Jayz’s new partnership and tweeted: “Ima gonna be a billionaire.” To which one of his followers replied to Casper’s tweet with an image of Jayz and replied: “Black South Africans celebrate black American success more than they celebrate black african success. Did you see how many people congratulated Jay z especially celebrities? Wait till one our own achieves or progress, they all go mute.”
One of Nyovest’s fans who disagreed with his tweet told him that they will never celebrate a billionaire in a country where majority of people sleep with an empty stomac, whilst many corrected his tweet that had some grammar errors.
Here are more replies from his followers on Twitter:  
"Our so called celebrities will always tell you how much they have... especially if u disagree with them on issues... Bo Jayzee u never see them arguing with fans on social media.."
"I'm gonna be a billionaire / Imma be a billionaire. You're not billionaire yet mara you've already started butchering English. Yoh. What are you gonna butcher once you've become an actual billionaire? Setswana? No man this is nonsense."
"My understanding is that you won't be able to explain the process of becoming a billionaire except for your luck in the music industry, so you're literally not an inspiration to a young ambitious person out there coz you can't tell them to be "luck" just like you, be serious bro."
"How many African Billionaire Artists do everything have? We can't celebrate what we don't have..being a Billionaire in US$ is not childplay..maybe Rands or Naira"

"Don't confuse celebration with wealth buddy. Celebration is an everyday thing, it can be success or a milestone, not an expensive car or a expensive lifestyle or a big bank balance. We don't celebrate money, especially other man's wealth."
The award-winning rapper also got trolled previously when he “bragged” about not completing his matric and wasn’t bothered by tweeps who advised him to stop sending the wrong message to the youth.
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