A Woman Uses Blackface To Perform Jerusalema

This is deemed disrespectful

By  | Mar 19, 2021, 02:40 PM  | Drama

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A white Bulgarian woman angered social media users from around the world when she performed Jerusalema, using blackface. The ludicrous performance saw her attempting to look like Nomcebo Zikode, her skin tone, hair, makeup and all.

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For those of you who are still in denial about the act being offensive, here's an explanation; Blackface is a form of "art" that non-black people use when trying to portray a black person. According to CNN, any skin tone you wear that is not really yours, is racist.

This left many perplexed and outraged over the viral TikTok clip. Her back-up dancers are all jamming along and performing the Jerusalema challenge.

Some do not find this offensive however many have voiced out their disgust and outrage over the fact that black South Africans do not find it racist. Many of the tweeps shared the same sentiments as this, "Saying its okay to wear black face to perform is like saying its okay to use the N word on a song. I see most South Africans don't know what black face is and what is was used for.. that's why we laughed along with Leon Schuster 4 so long before seeing the problem."

Below is a clip from the performance and in a separate video, the muso can be seen removing her mask.

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