"Big Brother wasn't what made me" - Blue Mbombo

Lessons on how to stay relevant in the entertainment industry

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Blue Mbombo  | Drama

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The entertainment industry is crowded, fickle, and unpredictable. One day you are hot and happening and the next no one even remembers your name. One person who's managed to get in and thrive is model and reality TV star, Blue Mbombo. The beautiful and classy Blue has been doing the most to secure her place among the big name stars in South Africa. Her brand as a model and online influencer has grown so much.  

Granted she became an instant superstar when she was a contestant on Big Brother Mzansi and has since managed to become a household name with a large following, Blue actually got into the industry through modelling. 

A lot of people aren’t aware of this but Big Brother wasn’t what “made me”. I started off on a modeling show called Diamond in The Rough and that’s how I got in the industry, as a model. I knew more was going to come but I didn’t think I’d get this far especially because the modeling industry in SA isn’t so big and respected. The show gave contestants bursaries to study and that’s when I came to Joburg to study PR at Rosebank College and got scouted by G3 models. And after finishing school I went on Big Brother. I didn’t think I’d go far on Big Brother so it was humbling when it ended and I saw how many people were rooting for me and how my fans pushed me to get bigger in the industry and made me stay relevant.
Although getting in may seem like a major accomplishment, staying in is even harder and more challenging. Through her hard work Blue managed to win over skeptics and get the recognition she deserved from industry peers.
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When I started in the industry, some people who have been in the industry for longer were very “who’s this girl?” and “she’s only going to last for two minutes”. But as time went on I felt more welcomed and they respect my brand, so I don’t really have challenges in the industry now, it was just in the beginning. I’ve been working in the industry as a model for some time, it’s just that now I have more exposure. I wasn’t an overnight sensation so I didn’t feel like I would last two minutes in the industry.

In her exclusive interview with ZAlebs the star also shared her achievements of 2018, her relationship with K2 her ex boyfriend, going back to modelling and expanding her career.

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