BJB Allegedly Had A Feud With Penene

Is BJB failing to move in?

By  | Jul 28, 2022, 02:53 PM  | Drama

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Drama keeps pouring in between Lala, BJB and Penene. It seems while he may claim to be strong enough to admit that his baby is gone, it is very evident that he is trying to level with Lala. However it seems Lala is over the moon over her new relationship and she is bound to score herself a life partner. Penene is officially a father to BJB’s son Temo.

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It’s a hard pill to swallow for BJB but it is the truth. Penene recently shared a video where he shared his deep affection for Lala and seem to have warmed up to the idea of being a step father to BJB’s son. It is not Lala that BJB has lost, he is also lost the mother of his son. It even gets worse than that because Penene is now the father of his son as well.

Latty also known as GC’s Boyfriend hinted that the fact that Lala is happy with Penene could not be sitting well with the promoter as they were allegedly on each other’s throats last night. Apparently they just bumped into each other and suddenly they was just a bad vide between the two, with BJB be threatening to take out knives. It was an incident that no one expected to see but apparently Penene chose to be the bigger person and did not participate in anything that could incriminate him.

“Kana Bontle Jwa Batswana Aka BJB go tsenya saatla mo pateng a re o ntshetsa Penene Ponono okapi last night. Waitse Lala Larona & Makhete need a bouncer, Gaba safe gotlhelele. Vusi Shekevilla leene o rata Drama, o ne a tshela parafini mo mollong a kgotletsa. Kana dilo tsa maabane ne ekare difilimi. 

Vusi came through before everyone, then she asked for a pic with me, we took it then BJB a mo phamola before the show started & they they left, after the show ended re santse re iketlile nna Penene & Lala then 1,2,1,2 kgatlhathuuuu BJB ke yoo o goroga le Vusi. Ahh go letse gole DRAMA. But I respect Penene for not fighting.”
This morning he shared on a Live video that he did not fail to fix his relationship and that he cannot cry over spilt milk. He said one thing about himself is that he can love and love genuinely and that he cannot be jealous that someone is happy and that they have found love.  Although he kept blabbering on may thing he also said that people should stop pitying him because he is very okay.

“Being single is very nice, People feel pity for me  but they hurt me at the same time by pitying me. Stop feeling pity for me, I am okay and I am happy. People support me so that I don’t think much. I was saved by being popular and that has helped me a lot.”

He further stated that at the moment he is happily in a relationship and that people should pray for him so that this one relationship should just last.

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