Berry Heart comes clean

"I don't have a perfect life"

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Berry Heart  | Drama

Recently Berry Heart posted a lengthy post on her Facebook page baring her soul to fans and family alike. 

In the post Berry shares how her relationship of 3/4 years had to come to an end because despite the fact that her ex was a "noble" and "loving" man, he just couldn't stop cheating in the home that they shared. 

That however, was not what drove her away. 

The straw that broke the camel's back was when she caught him in bed with a "young girl". 

"There are only two reasons I left my man for, two weeks ago I caught him red handed with a young girl. The young girl, ran away. I did not leave my man for sleeping with another woman, he has always slept with other women and I knew about it. I left my man because he slept with a much younger kid who is even younger than my mentees, my little girl(younger than my little cousins). It means the aforementioned aren't safe in front of my him. It means when he sees my little girls he sees women he can sleep with. Ladies & gentlemen I left my man because I want to protect the girl in my family, my mentee and forever I will always protect girls whenever I have the chance. Child molesters start at this point when women like me protect them. I refuse to participate."

There's a lot going on here. First of all, I'm personally reluctant to jump to conclusions about the estimated age of the "young girl" in question because "women" and "girls" is used interchangeably in the post, thus kind of throwing me off. What IS apparent though is that this was unethical. Whether the person in question was 20 or 15, the bottom line is, her partner was engaging in sexual relations with someone the same age as people he'd been entrusted with the care of i.e Berry Heart's relatives and mentees. 

And that's enough to make anyone's skin crawl. 

That she not only left, but declared the circumstances under which she left, is noble because oftentimes predatory men are protected by the women around them, as we're currently seeing with the Omotoso trial. 

Perhaps to come off as not bitter or slanderous, she further adds: 

Nonetheless, my ex was a good man, they all loved him (fam and friends) but unfortunately we are no longer together and good luck to him and his future woman. I wish them well.

Human beings are expansive, that much we can agree on.  In the ways that people are good, they can be very good. In the ways that they are bad, they can be deplorable. And I guess some people are wary of writing them off as either good or evil. I don't want to condemn her for this last statement because I'm sure she's still processing things herself, and 4 years is a long time. But as a society we've let many injustices committed by men slide because in some ways, they are "good" people.

It just seems like, in the case of men, they can never quite be all around "good" and "noble", can they?

Main Image: Facebook/BERRYHEART