Batswana Take A Swipe On Motaso For Failing Side Parking!

Told to swipe side parking

By  | Aug 31, 2022, 02:53 PM  | Drama

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Being a public figure can be both a blessing and a curse. Motaso is one of the celebrities who are always grilled for being egoistic and for being full of him self as well as insulting people every chance he gets.

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The truth is he is only 24 years and he is loaded with money and owns the most expensive cars and often feel people are jealous of him and therefore people will always hate him over nothing.

He is currently a laughing stock on social media for apparently falling to do a side parking. One of the things that seemed to have gotten a bit of him and has stolen his peace. The young folk who brags everyday of how loaded he is, was seen in a video where he was attempting to do a side parking and
failing to do so at the same time. Batswana had a good laugh at him for failing to do one simple thing.

"O paletswe ke an ordinary degree, ke raya a mere bachelor degree, side parking le yone ya pala, go thapa le gone ga pala, go nona ga pala, patience ya pala. Yet some people believe he could change their lives for better. Oh! poor nation.

If someone could not be patient with a simple thing like parking do you
believe he could study and observe the market? When and how? Do you think he could mentor you if you were to enroll for his bogus academy? Where would he get the patience when he can’t be patient
with side parking?

Heck No. He is impatient and dull. What he does is gamble with the money he gets from the ignorant
few and make a killing out of it. Publicize those while his heavy losses he doesn’t. A typical scammer

A true and legitimate trader doesn’t have time for social media. He is either trading or observing the
market and in the few minute he has he is busy mentoring his students. But my little brother he is either

insulting bo Setlhomo, or in a restaurant eating some junk foods or on social media. So where does he has the time to study the market, trade and mentor his students and spend time with his partner?

Anyways I passed my theory test at the age of 21. Got 30 out of 30. I never failed.

I also passed the Irish learners (37 out of 40). In any case, he wants someone to teach him how to drive.

I am here for him. Bahumi bo Dada, Ram le bo Magang ba itse go kgweetsa.

Le Degree I am happy to assist him a boele sekweleng a ye go hetsa. Oh! Le metsi.

Meanwhile Batswana have advised him to go back to school to get his degree and to go back to his driving school to learn more about side parking. Although he seemed like he was not even closed to

being pinched by the fact that people are laughing at him, he also responded to people who were taking
a swipe at him.

To understand this concept go batla o nale madi ebile o owner koloi e turang.
I occupied two parking spaces because I didn't want anybody scratching my car jaanong ka matshelo a

lona gaana direction ebile le bolawa ke tlala le ka se tlhaloganye this was not an error it was a deliberate act for my car's own good fa ke occupile 2 spots no one can park next to my car so no one can scratch
my car." He said.
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