Batswana Take a Swipe At Sospan’s Girlfriend!

Some women don't mind men who cheat

By  | Aug 13, 2022, 04:59 PM  | Drama

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We all know most men cheat, and will always try their way into having many women as much as they can. But these does not mean women must stay in relationships where there is disrespect and cheating. Well at least for some women, others however believe that you should never question your man when he ‘mistakenly’ lands in another women’s inbox. 

This is because apparently he will always know where home. Nicki Motlhanka who has been in the news lately for controversial issues, and now in love with the most handsome celebrity cop, has made statements that got Batswana talking.

Well if bae was one of the people who said hi just hi there wasn’t gonna be mad leha oka nthomella screenshots or nudes gore wago buisa it won’t hit a nerve and I won’t ask him about it..someone tried  it and all we did  with bae was laugh about it I hope bo moghel for those guys didn’t take it serious. Leska ba omanya babo ba Cheka gore amme santse baka posha it means no harm ako le relax and enjoy your relos Oska letella bo Saatane to provoke your peace at home. Leha aka ntsha onenyana hela, he’ll definitely come home where his heart belongs. Let’s stop witch hunting as well.”
Batswana were rather moved and puzzled by such remarks and many women seems to know their ‘worth’. As many came to say it can never be them. It seems women these days are not here to play games. They are serious when it comes to taking their territory.
“Advice ya bo hewe hewe a man knows where his home & heart are le seka la e tsaya tsia. E todilwe ke dipeba bo Mma. To me it is just a sign of desperation and sounds like a woman has already accepted a defeat.

It sounds like a woman has accepted that her partner is a shared commodity and a public property that has no guardian. E tshwana le ya bo Monna ga a botswe ko a tswang. 

You are somehow indirectly tolerating a man who publicly embarrasses you. A man who would tomorrow bring to you multiple kids & multiple diseases with no sense of remorse.

And when you do, a man would do it again and again knowing you tolerate the nonsense he does! I am not saying don’t forgive them but never say a man knows where his heart is! Ke dilo tsa segologolo, tsa mahetwa, le motho a ithobogile.

Make sure you keep the leash short on him. Don’t sell yourself cheap my sister! Women who sell themselves cheap are drowning in depression. Some caught all sorts of diseases from “these know where their heart is gents”. Some are paying child maintenance for them.

So remove that language from your mouth & make it rain on them. If it means you gotta be single so be. Never justify the nonsense a man does. This I’d teach my daughter.” Raymond Setlhomo Tswanelang responds.
Even though her post backlashed she has made it very clear that she is taking her stand on her words and therefore its her opinion and she is entitled to it.


 Main Pic: Nicky Motlhanka

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