Batswana Sympathize With BJB: Could He Be Hurting?

Motaso says Penene just wants to make money

By  | Aug 13, 2022, 06:38 PM  | Drama

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Its been drama after drama ever since Lala and BJB broke ties and having moved on with her new love, local comedian Penene Ponono. This was despite the that Lala was in her confinement days since she just gave birth to a bouncing baby boy by the name Temo.

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Their public split has caused such a public stir after Lala have showed signs of being very happy and have been showing off some gains. Well, it is just beautiful how she has managed to heal from an abusive relationship to a relationship that gives her stability and peace. Penene has stepped up as the father and the tree of them are co-parenting this new baby. Temo has to father, what a lucky baby.

While some believe that Penene is using Lala for profit and relevance, some are cheering the two for being in love and smashing goals together. They have ignored haters on a lot of occasions and have have focused on spreading the positive energy.

It is just amazing how they are growing together and building together. This is what love should be all about. They are the best couple and currently a trending couple in the country. Some have urged her to focus on being happy and growing herself in her chapter.

Just a few hours back, Penene shared one of the most heart breaking videos which moved many people’s emotions. The video was to show Batswana that the two are not at war and have moved past everything that has been going on between the two of them.

They seemed to have kissed and made up but the hurt was visible in BJB’s eyes and Batswana comforted him and told him to be strong as well as taking time to heal. Some said ‘you not know what you have until it is finally gone’.

Some people still believe that Lala should return home and amend things with the baby daddy and Motaso has something way different to say.

“Laiti yo o leka matshelo ka tsela tsotlhe....he realised that Lala can't make enough impact on his income so it's best to tag BJB as well,we are witnessing colonialism where he takes over a relationship for his personal benefit. BJB is big he made Lala a somebody he gets credit for everything Lala is,Lala is nothing without BJB.

BJB is an idealist he is a money maker and can make use of every opportunity that comes his way because he is an entrepreneur Lala on the other hand is just an ordinary mortal when taking her the comedian thought he'd cash in big only to realise that no there is no gold. He is now going for gold by colonizing BJB. 

It is not possible to be at peace with someone who takes the mother of your only son,use her for likes and to sabotage you then even deny your child motherly love by making her full time absent, BJB should be true to himself or else he will end up being a blesser to his baby mama and her boyfriend.”

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