Batswana Responds To ATI’s Podcast Interview Ambiguity!

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By  | Aug 17, 2022, 12:56 PM  | Atlasaone "ATI" Molemogi  | Drama

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ATI was recently invited to MacG’s Podcast and Chill, a South Africa based Podcast by Sol Phenduka and Macgyver Mukwevho. The duo had hosted local rapper and motswako artist Atasaone Molemogi also known as ATI.

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The interview was full of drama and twist of events. ATI seemed to be very drunk and blew most of the questions out of proportion but he portrayed so much intelligence and eloquence. The controversial sensation gave his hosts a hard time trying to understand him.

Most people who have come across ATI know that the Serowe native has a spellbinding personality and his presence is always felt. When he was guest in the podcast he threw a lot of tantrums that got social media talking. Many people felt embarrassed on his behalf while others knew that was their ATI, and therefore there was nothing new about how he performed in the whole interview.

Here are some of the responses that Batswana  gave,
“The only people who become negative about ATI are mere mortals who don't understand his unorthodox expressions about his views on life and what he has been through. Whatever he takes (I can never condone), may amplify how he ultimately projects himself on many occasions, but one element that makes a powerful artist is his honest view about himself and his surroundings. 

I read the unorthodox writer Dambudzo Marechera, at young age, liked Michael Jackson, watched Michael Scorcese film thinking, Steve Jobs and Kanye West to understand why nerdiness and being labelled crazy looks like. I have people that call me such on the down low just cos of the hyperactivity of the brain.

People who have a potent ability to tap in their high spiritual intellect often always suffer from being misunderstood, isolated and misinterpreted, and are better off explaining themselves through their art or vices . Some handle it well, some don't. 

Rupert Ati Lavender often tries to say he'd be better if he had great support of people who understood him - like Kanye often says. But unlike Steve, his environment has always failed him. How he projects himself is often in protest of fear that you will put him inside a little box and tell him how he must carry himself. It always appears, his spirit is far much more vigorous than that, it hates cages and societal psycho-prisons of thought and behaviour. He just wants to be. 

That's how I long understood him when he was making his first mixtape Batho Bame at Rimzy studios - a care free soul. Everyone gets high once in a while, but who am I to judge another man's high? When he first came into the scene he has always said it's all about "me" and he will do what makes him happy. The question is what is he about to himself that makes him happy. 

A lot of people have never been through a journey of self-actualization to realise what a destructive path that can be, but for a man who emerges from that and still says his true feeling with a smile - he has conquered traditional confinements of societal expectations. He is free!  

So most sad souls who judge from the surface, lack the same confidence, bravery and fortitude to be true to themselves and to reflect their own internal chaos by embracing who they are. 

They claim perfectionism amidst their internal demons. Most are nothing but theory slaves to a bygone era of placing people in little imaginary boxes that do not even exist in the virtual world that they also try to find solace in. 

They are afraid of their own shadows.  Understanding a being like ATI, as MacG insinuated takes a lot of spiritual and social conciseness to accept that people vibe on different energies. Some just don't connect at all and never will. Women often understand energies the most, he said something to that effect. Same way I never connect to football or kwasa kwasa..

. It doesn't vibrate with me! But people fear what they don't understand and hate what they can't conquer, when Nas said this, I had already read it from Marechera years before! In essence ATI says it's not your job to understand him if you don't understand yourself. You can't break that nigga's spirit, he is solid.” Lawrence Seretse said. 




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