Mens Sexual Pleasure Does Not Lie On Women-Medical Doctor

Dr Gure Caves In And Apologizes

By  | Aug 09, 2022, 12:12 PM  | Drama

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Dr Gure has been lashed out for insinuating that women become loose after giving birth when advertising his vaginal Care Capsules also knowns mogrippo capsules. While many women were anticipating to get a dose for themselves, some people disregarded his brand for labelling women loose after giving birth.

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This was despite the fact that women needed them as soon as yesterday. The brand raised eyebrows and many people and build on insecurities of women about their private parts. The good Dr, later hearkened to the chastening of the public.  

"There are many over the counter products claiming to promote or treat vaginal health issues and a lot of these have no medicinal/clinical benefit it’s purely marketing gimmicks. 

No true physician would promote and selling such on Facebook is not only unsafe and irresponsible but it increases insecurities that women already have about their vaginas. Every vagina looks, feels and smells different. 

This obsession with trying to achieve a ‘perfect’ vagina (all are unique and perfect for your body) encourages very unsafe practices which will land you with real issues because you have now disturbed the normal pH and bacteria found naturally in the vagina. 

The vagina or penis just like your skin are not meant to be a sterile environment, stop trying to ‘sterilise’ vaginas please. The vagina is naturally made to be self cleansing.

As a society we also need to move away from placing the burden on women to increase mens sexual pleasure but at what expense and detriment to their own bodies?? Nyaa bathong!" said Tshepiso Serehete-Selaledi who is a Medical Doctor.
This issue was followed by Raymond Setlhomo Tswanelang who always public issues with keen interest and a sharp eye. He uncovered a lot eye brow raising issues about this issues.

"I managed to see Gure’s Pill. It’s 5pula on Alibaba yes 5pula. I also finished reading all those obscure journals he shared. Though they speak nothing of what he initially wrote one thing he did was purposely select one Ingredient. And went on and on about it and this is from a drug called Asiaticoside. 

This drug appears to be for wound healing and strangely it seems to be common among Chinese cosmetic sites. No credible pharmacy no nothing. So for him to claim that the Alibaba pill would solve all the things he initially wrote was not factual. I guess it is also the reason he selectively went for 1 ingredient.

It also doesn’t say it heals it says “It can heal”. So all those claims he shared initially aren’t based on science. No credible pharmacy. No trials whatsoever.
Now back to why him. Gure is a Medical Doctor. A man I hold in high regard. He is not some guy on the street. He is an influencer and a public figure. 

I expect honesty from him. In his effort to add value to our society he shouldn't be seen promoting what is misleading and false. Where he erred I expect him to acknowledge rather than to deflect.

As for the few who hurl insults and all sorts of misinformation, well I am used to those. Nothing new and nothing old. The truth and justice I will stand for and will die for. I chose this road knowing the dangers it will bring.  Those give me the courage, hope and energy to push forward. They don’t scare me by any inch even when I am sleeping."
After receiving a negative review about his product, Dr Gure caved in and issued a public apology.
"I come in peace 

Ke kopa go tsaya sebaka se go ikopa maitshwarelo ! majority of my followers are ladies and some were not happy about the words i used ! 

Go lebega mafoko mangwe i used in my post last week were too strong to the ladies and disrespectful!

Ke ngwana wa motswana yo o godisitsweng sente . ke thompha thari ya sechaba e leng motho wa mme ! 

Our brand e tiisa malwapa e aga sechaba 

For the past 3 and 1/2 years re ntse re ithuta mmogo re agaisana re gakololana ! 

Ha sechaba se ngongorega o sekegela tsebe ! le inneleng diata metsing ! 

We will continue to follow proper channels and guarantee your safety at all times with all the products tse re di tsisang ! 

No harm intended we are always willing to learn from our counterparts, fellow doctors in the medical field and pharmacies and help the nation ! 

The medical field is a noble calling that should be upheld with highest standards!

Tholang le morena , diclass di taa tswelela gonne maphachaphacha."
"Dr Gure has issued an apology and I believe it’s fair that I acknowledge it as one of those who mounted a heavy and cold campaign against him. I also believe it’s fair that I stop the same immediately. I didn’t win, he didn’t lose, none of us won or lost but the truth has won. Our Country has won. 

I hold nothing against Dr Gure. He remains my fellow countryman and a man I look up to and wish well. Our differences were a matter of ethics, safety, professionalism an
d principle. Nothing more or less.

I know many of his followers labelled me as bitter, a witch, jealous, ignorant, miserable being and someone who pull down the effort of a Motswana and all sorts of demeaning terms but I forgive all. 

I know I am none of what they think I am. I know they said what they said out of emotions and denial of the truth. I know the truth has to be ridiculed at first then violently opposed as it was and at the very least accepted as being self-evident, as it has been. 

I am a man who pursues social justice beyond the limits. I am a man who doesn’t shy away from standing for the truth even against the thousands. I may not be right all the time. I may be a sinner like all but I call wrong wrong not right. That’s the only thing I could do as  Patriotism to my beloved Country." said Raymond."

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