Anele Mdoda's Blatant Lie To Wendy Williams!

South Africa does not celebrate Wendy Williams on the 10th of April

By  | Mar 17, 2021, 04:00 PM  | Anele Mdoda  | Drama

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Fact check: the 10th of April is not Wendy William's Day in South Africa!
This speculation comes after Anele Mdoda told the talk show host that the country celebrates her on that day, but South Africans are puzzled. This saw the 'Which South Africa' trending.

After her virtual interview with the Wendy Williams show host for the 947 Breakfast Club show, Anele caught heat when she lied to the broadcaster about having a holiday in SA.

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"Do you know what April 10th is? I just found out myself. April 10th is Wendy Williams Day in South Africa. I am not lying," she said on her show. Even she was surprised, imagine what SA was thinking.

Following Anele's interview with her, some are suspecting Anele told her.  A Twitter user wrote tweeted saying "@Anele is it you that lied to Wendy Williams that April 10th it's her day in South Africa?” to which Mdoda responded, "It's not a lie nje."

Anele clarified what the whole 'misunderstanding' was about, explaining that on the day, Wendy's film, Wendy Williams: Hot Topic, as well as her documentary, Wendy Williams: What a Mess, will be aired in Mzansi.

"10th April. @LifetimeSA will screen #WendyWilliams movie and doccie !!! You know you will be watching my interview with Wendy will play on my radio show the day before and you can hear there about Wendy Williams Day #AneleandtheClub"

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