AKA's Latest Post Deemed Insensitive

Social media users are shook!

By  | Jun 07, 2021, 05:43 PM  | AKA  | Drama

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Supa Mega is officially back on social media as well as in the studio. Even though the Megacy is very excited, social media users are not. That's because of his latest post which many have deemed insensitive to the late Anele Tembe.

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AKA took to his Instagram stories and posted videos where he is feeling himself. But one particular post where he is seen smoking and doing certain hand gestures, has an audio from American rapper Travis Scott's song 'Piss On Your Grave.'

The Megacy sees nothing wrong with that post and are urging people to cut Supa Mega some slack. But users are perplexed by AKA's song choice and even an NPO urges people to push the #MuteAKA movement.

However, Rubu Thulisa, his biggest fan wants people to give AKA a break, "The last time I checked the song was about unprincipled record label executives. The guy has been a victim of those. Man’s has a “Travis Scott hairstyle “ also happens to be in the” forest” just like in the music video of the song. Kanti yini kangaka? (What is it?)"
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