Agatha Says People Are Mindlessly Scrolling On Facebook!

Batswana says she is still fighting her demons

By  | Aug 13, 2022, 06:08 PM  | Drama

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She has attracted so much controversy in the past over her remarks and having no filter when it comes to her words. Many people have called her out for being insensitive with her words, bullying and body shaming other women. Well, the Wellness Coach isn’t the one to come soft on anyone when it comes to bringing something good out of you.

Agatha Atlholang has called people off for missing the bigger picture and focusing on her tone when addressing issues that she feels they need to be fixed. However, she is one of the most followed coaches in the country, and the one coach you to hate.

Recently social media abuzz about her absence from social media and have been wondering where she could be. It’s no doubt that a lot of people just love the fact that she keeps social media alight and going. Which is beautiful, but she is not all about that life where people talk about people they don’t know on social media.

She took to social media to say that people who that have mental issues and therefore they need to be assisted. This was despite the fact that many people were missing her and hearing from. This is what she had to say to them. 

Nna tota ke big. I’m known by  humans I don't know,  and will probably never know. Ba irela Chaba eng bone ba. This is why I probably don't know any of these humans. I always find such funny. People who don't know you are having a full on conversation about you. Kana golo mo ke mental illness aa lwa itse ne loneng. In your mind, because of what you've read and heard from others, you perceive jaaka wena o batla and feel the need to voice out your perception. 

Not truth, PERCEPTION, o akanya gore o itse motho oo. Betsho,  Akanya hela ke bua ka Boko on Facebook like I know him,  when all I know are people's PERCEPTIONS of him.  Tell me this isn't mental illness. Nna kana I don't talk about people ha o ka ntemoga. There's nothing to talk about ka a fellow motswana. I talk about my WORK  and issues that are centered around my work that affect humans generally.Tshele ke e tshaba moo. E dira gore o seka wa nna motho wa sepe. E go diga seriti🤔! Gossip will kill your sense of agency guyses.

Batho ba ba kaletseng should know you,  thaaaata le gone, wena o sa ba itse. On a serious note bongwanaka,  the moral of the story here is this,  Chase Purpose and Legacy,  and those who are wondering these Facebook Streets mindlessly will know WHO YOU ARE,  wena o sa ba itse. Lo tlaa re golega betsho.  Mme ke tlhape ke ye gyming, kana motho ha a sa gyme, e se motho wa Wellness,  o mmona ka go bua ka people who are Legacy Minded ene a le mono hela.

That's why we make people trend on F. B, mindlessly scrolling through Meta. Happy Saturday my angels.
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