Dj Zinhle And Murdah Bongz Are Couple Goals

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By  | May 04, 2021, 03:14 PM  | Dj Zinhle 

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Murdah Bongz, one half of the famed musical duo Black Motion has the internet buzzing again, while the last time the musician made significant headlines was due to his scary accident in which he fell from a 3 meter flight of stairs, and survived. This time Murdah Bongz is making waves for something far happier. 

 DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz are couple goals at the moment the couple is relatively quiet and likes to keep a bulk of their love lives and relationships away from the public eye but sometimes the couple does take a moment to give Mzansi a glimpse into their beautiful love lives.

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 Murdah Bongz took to Instagram to publicly display his affection for his significant other in an Instagram post of the two of them smiling and looking cosy he captioned the post in Zulu typing “ufana inkanyezi yokusa, ikhwezi. Njengemisebe ekuseni ebusika obubandayo. MaJiyane omuhle onothando. Nhliziyo yam’” roughly translating to “ she is like the morning star, the star. Like the rays of the axis in the cold winter. Beautiful and loving Jiyane. My heart”.
 Fans were moved by this post and responded to the post with loving messages and well wishes for the musical duo. This isn't the first time Murdah Bongz has taken to Instagram to display his affection for his girlfriend DJ Zinhle. Dj Zinhle responded to the post by commenting on a series of cute emojis below his post.
He also took to Instagram a while back and posted another picture of him and DJ Zinhle taking candid selfie in the hallway, captioning the post “I don’t need a stylist I’m HIM”. The silly selfie manages to gain 32, 000 likes and hundreds of comments coming from supportive fans.

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 The two are more than perfect for each other as a celebrity couple. They are both passionate about their flourishing musical careers and fans. In addition to her flourishing musical career, Dj Zinhle is an amazing entrepreneur who has a variety of successful ventures including her new champagne and her successful range of watches. Murdah posted yet another picture of the two of them, he congratulated her on her Pink Baby which we now know is Dj Zinhle's champagne line. Her champagne line has been well-received online people have tagged Zinhle on their stories as a way to try and share the experience with her, Dj Zinhle was also receptive and reposted some stories on her own Instagram.
Murdah Bongz is honestly raising the bar for some men out there; he even came to Zinhle's rescue like a knight in shining armour, by helping Zinhle through a somewhat embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. A while back DJ Zinhle hosted a star-studded launch of her ‘Indlovu’ Music Video and her short film, but it seems sis had a minor accident at the event and Murdah had to come to her rescue. Taking to his Instagram stories, Murdah posted a video of him trying to fix DJ Zinhle's heel, who had a wardrobe malfunction. 
 While the two are going steady and only giving us glimpses of their love life, we look forward to being a part of the moments they will show us. 
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