Shimza's Multi-Million Rand Hustle

The DJ has left fans speechless

By  | Apr 14, 2021, 04:33 PM 

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Shimza is undoubtedly the epitome of black excellence and chasing multiple streams of income. The DJ has been in the entertainment industry for several years now and he continues to make great strides in his career.

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Shimza's latest hustle will probably sustain him beyond his tenure in music and create generational wealth for him. In a Tweet, the DJ revealed that he has ventured into the logistics industry. Shimza bought his first truck and he took to social media to flaunt it leaving tweeps feeling all sorts of inspired.

Shimza named his truck after his daughter Lekganyo.
Social media users took to the comment section to congratulate him on this massive achievement.

@ItsBigSexy commented, "Shimza is penetrating every market that seems like there could be delicious profit. Love it! Music, events, restaurants, logistics, you name it!"
@riri_Nkuna commented "Shimza is an ex Shimza is an example of β€œmultiple streams of income”. Let’s get to work!!."
@keletsomaredi1 commented, "One thing about Shimza is that he’ll motivate you to act on your dreams. The most important thing is to START, give that idea a shot."
@_NMabaso commented, "DJ Shimza is really focused on this making money thing."

The DJ is also a philanthropist of note who has been donating school shoes to various schools in Ekurhuleni as part of his One-Man Shoe Campaign. The DJ is also an owner of two eateries. In an interview on Kaya FM he shared some pearls of wisdom on how he was able to pay his staff  with his TV gig.

β€œI was fortunate that I had a TV show that could give me some form of income during that time, I used that income to sort of spread it through to the restaurant. We had to close and for the first couple of months we were able to pay our staff, at some point our pockets ran very dry. β€œ

Another star who announced his upcoming and exciting business venture is Moshe Ndiki. The TV host revealed that he will soon venture into the food industry, by opening his own eatery spot called Moshe's kitchen. In a post on Instagram, he said he has been working on this self-funded business venture for the past 5 years.

"Get your coins and tastebuds ready. Something I’ve worked hard on for the past 5 years, just to get it right, self-funded, and my dream come true," he shared.

Congratulations Shimza.

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