"Exposa Mmao"- DJ Fresh

"Exposa Mmao"- DJ Fresh

Oct 18, 2018, 12:50 PM

It's a bit of a wild time in this sociopolitical climate, isn't it? We're trying to overthrow capitalism while getting jobs and getting into debt to live the great life created by this intense capitalist regime and when push comes to shove, scamming isn't so far fetched.

Exposure as a form of payment has been around since the beginning of time. It's smoke and mirrors, elusive connections, the promise of this connection that can't even produce monetary gain somehow leading you to monetary gain along the way, just not now.

The oldest trick in the book when it comes to creatives.
And one is seems people are still trying to pull on DJ Fresh.

As a solid 46 year old man with over 20 years in the game, DJ Fresh still has people offering to pay him with "exposure".

Fresh took to Instagram to share a post originally sent out by DJ Cleo that mocked the audacity of the practice. 

"BLOWS MY MIND that i am on radio every weekday interacting with 1 million people every 15 minutes, gigging most weekends in the year, and some will still offer to compensate me with EXPOSURE!!! #TrueStory

To those people he had 3 things to say. The post continued: 

"1. I need LESS exposure
2. Banks don't take exposure as payment for my bonds!!!
3. #ExposaMmao"

It's laughable really. What area of the business could one possibly expose DJ Fresh to, that he hasn't, or wouldn't be able to enter on the weight of his name alone?


And to be honest we wouldn't suggest you attempt to scam him either, because he IS referred to as the Big Dawg for a reason.

Main Image: Instagram/DJFreshSA
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