DJ Fresh Gives Great Advice For 'Rona Cabin Fever

'Stay home."

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | DJ Fresh 

DJ Fresh is one of the Botswana representatives who are adamant on getting people to stay home and self-quarantine to hinder the spread of COVID-19.

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Along with Connie Ferguson, Prince Kaybee and a host of other TSWAlebs, DJ Fresh is pushing people to stay home with consistently putting up posts that will educate people on any updates on the coronavirus.

Today, he shared this message to those who needed to be at work, especially those in the arts.

photo credit: screenshot of DJ Fresh' IG Story

Then he later went on to say on his IG stories that he was back to working out again in his backyard because he hadn't been to the gym since the outbreak and that it helped with the cabin fever.

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photo credit: screenshot of DJ Fresh' IG Story

Fresh continues to encourage fans that we too, should be encouraging our kids from going bored and doing some fun physical activities inside the home with them.

In one of the stories, posted by the DJ he's kid chimes in to motivate his dad to do another lap around the yard. To which he did.

What are the things that you are doing to keep from going crazy inside the house?

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