Anyone Else Need A Hug? -DJ Fresh

the answer is yes, yes please.

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | DJ Fresh 

DJ Fresh went on social media to share what he calls a 'Social Distancing Ramblings' and he spoke about how social distancing is making him desperate for a hug.

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The DJ has been sharing a lot with his fans lately, during the lockdown and has been helpful in handing out advice and sharing his own struggles during the pandemic.

Yesterday, the 'BIG DAWG' admitted that he was in desperate need of this basic essential... a hug.

Finally, someone said it! In fact, yes, a hug would be better than a glass of wine right now, to be honest.

The DJ said, he has been without a hug for weeks now, as he still goes into work and when he comes back from work, he can't hug and love up, on his kids and his family.
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Isolation and quarantine time is indeed turning into something out of a sci-fi movie.

But DJ Fresh is right.

The Maslow Hierarchy of Needs has said that humans can't live without basic touch and companionship from others and with this social distancing for the lockdown- it's becoming increasingly difficult and clear that it's an unnatural thing to live without.

But in order for COVID-19 to remain under control, you have got to stay home and stay safe. We know we're struggling over here too but for now... it's gotta be virtual hugs and wifi folks.

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