Did Bonang Visit Nigeria For A Nose Makeover?

Bonang responds to nose enhancement claims

By  | Apr 05, 2022, 04:53 PM 

. Enhanced nose
or not Bonang looked beautiful.
Who would have known that Bonang Matheba’s nose was not perfect? It looked just fine, all noses look good. Oh, except for a few. Rumors have it that the media personality had her nose enhanced. This was after she posted photos of having a good time in Nigeria.
 In her pictures rocking a black dress, the television sensation appeared to have a sharper nose.  People started speculating about the possible surgery even though it could be a result of makeup or photo editing. Enhanced nose or not Bonang looked beautiful.

Seeing Bonang in Nigeria looking finer may have caused speculations because Nigeria is known for its large market for body makeovers, and celebrities from across the world travel to have their parts done. The majority seek liposuction,  boob jobs, and bum enlargement. Women are obsessed with large bums, as they say, thick thighs save lives.  Tanasha Donna and Risper faith are among the celebs who have visited Nigeria for body makeovers.

In a Twitter post Bonang dismissed the claim saying the internet was just for having fun, she advised people to not take things seriously. So did that mean she had the nose done for the internet? Well, any answer is good to keep people talking. Why did she not refute the claims clearly, why did she have to evade the real question?
 Not long ago Bonang was accused of having gone through a boob, she disagreed saying she was okay with her body as it was. She added that she did not need to enhance her body to look beautiful. Anyone who knows her can accuse her of the same, the girl looks so fine. Body makeovers have become common and people no longer shy away from announcing them to people. Connie Ferguson, Tebogo Thobejane who admitted to liposuction, and  Murugi Munyi alias yummy mummy from Kenya.
Should Bonang do that, you know tell people how she manages to stay that sleek, is it dieting? If it is she should hook us up with her nutritionist, to work out? Plug us to your coach darls or maybe go under the knife? Well, that we can’t afford but we sure can try a small fundraiser to look half good as you do.





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