Date My Family Botswana is happening!

2019 is the year.

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM 

The DSTV Media Showcase is going down today and MultiChoice invited some notable names from Bots media to go bear witness to the unveiling of their new products and upcoming plans. Miss Gee Kays, Rea Kopi and the Botswana Unplugged crew are some of the media names representing Botswana over there today and they shared some exciting news - Date My Family Botswana is happening.

Date My Family is one of DSTV's most watched shows. Lucky hopefuls looking to find love meet up for a meal with the family/friends of the partner they may or may not end up with to gauge compatibility and if their prospective partner's clan is appealing, they go on an actual date. The show has more misses than hits, but we think that might be a huge reason why so many people watch it.

Speaking to Botswana Unplugged, Timothy Okwora, Director for East and Southern African channels for DSTV stated that Botswana's Date My Family will employ a wholly local production house, which is great because we have so many Film students here who'd need that bug break, and we can't even begin to say just how excited we are to watch this. Are any of you down to go on TV to find love? Let us know.