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By  | Apr 09, 2021, 01:09 PM  | Connie Ferguson 

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Actress Connie Ferguson is in a celebratory mode after joining the 3 million club on Instagram.

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Taking to her Insta account to celebrate this milestone, Connie posted a picture of her looking stunning in a silky gold suit with sparkles. She thanked her followers with a Sesotho saying, which simply translates to a person is a person through other people.

"MOTHO KE MOTHO KA BATHO!😍 Ke a leboga!🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️Happy Friday and a blessed weekend ahead!🙏🏾❤️," she captioned the snap.

Connie has been raising the bar high lately. She recently made the list of 100 Forbes African Icons for the Forbes Africa magazine's 100th issue. Speaking about her accomplishment as an actress with Fobes Africa she said.

"My highlights as an actor have been my time at Generations, a show that allowed me the opportunity to build my brand, my role as Mavis in Rockville, our debut show as executive producers, and my current role as Harriet Khoza in The Queen. Although the different awards received over the years are humbling and appreciated, the loyal fans and viewers that diligently follow and appreciate my work are who make it all worthwhile," said Connie.

Although she is currently enjoying the fruits of her labor, she recently lost her appeal at the Supreme Court of Appeal recently against cosmetics giant Nivea owners, Beiersdorf Group. 

This follows after her company Koni International Brands, came under fire in 2017 after it was accused of stealing Niveas's packaging design on their collection of men's body care product named Connie.

The Supreme Court of Appeal said there are similarities in their products.

“Given the similarities between the appellant’s and respondent’s products, the inference is inescapable that the appellant’s logo is an appropriation of the Nivea Men wave-label indicia on the same kind of product, so as to connect it to a known and established brand,” reads the judgment.

“This is buttressed by the fact that the appellant’s logo on its Connie Men shower gel is strikingly different from its logo used on the Connie Wome brand, which bears a picture of Ms. Constance Ferguson. Further, and unlike the Connie Women brand, there is nothing on the Connie Men range that indicates any association with Ms. Constance Ferguson.”

Congratulations Connie!

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