And I Opp- Did The Fergusons Black Face?

The colorism of it all

By  | Jan 23, 2020, 12:41 PM

The Fergusons are hard at work but this snap of Connie Ferguson in character, has got people talking about colorism.

Connie Ferguson was faced with the wrath of the Twitter streets after a photo of her with her face seemingly darkened for a new role went viral. But for all the wrong reasons.

The image, posted to the Ferguson Films' Instagram page on Monday, shows Connie dressed as a domestic worker. Her hair is sticking out of her head scarf while she stares at the camera.
Instagram embed

Unfortunately, this wasn't a Charlize Theron in Monster  transformation. This had people heated about her appearance. Calling her out to be doing 'black face'.

When a debate around colorism erupted around the photo, some drew comparisons between Connie's picture and characters from Tyler Perry's films.

But most things that have people mad, the star also found support from a number of users who claimed she was an actress getting into a role and denied she was wearing "black face".

Here are some social media reactions:
According to other sources who tried to contact the Fergusons for comment, they were unable to comment.

To 'black face' or not to 'black face', was that the question?

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