Botswana Celebs React: COVID-19

Your favs are warning their fans to be cautious

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM

Botswana has been fortunate enough to protect its borders from the Corona Virus. But with surrounding countries like South Africa getting hit heavily by the virus at a rapid rate- we can never be too comfortable.

So here are a few of your favourite celebrities who are warning their fans to maintain cool but stay protected.

Connie Ferguson
Yesterday on her Instagram stories, Connie Ferguson put up a post of a young relaying his story about his business taking a toll from the pandemic. She continues to warn her fans to stay home and take care of their mental health and overall well-being.
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Prince Kaybee
This famous hit-maker is taking a different approach to warning his fans about the virus. He has Instagrammed some pretty controversial posts for the last couple days of which some of these posts have received some major backlash and concern that the DJ/producer is dangerously spreading some harmful, fake news.
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Tsholo Dikobe
This African fashionista and stylist has taken the responsibility of sharing a series of ways that the people of Bostwana can take preventative measures of not contracting the virus and refrain from spreading it. Knowledge is definitely power.

DJ Fresh

The big dawg was also one of our TSWAlebs keeping the momentum going of information is fundamental. He put on his Instagram stories, the borders that are closed around South Africa and in true DJ style, he saved our lives by informing patrons that some of your favourite bars, clubs and bars will not be open through the duration of the lockdown.

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Without turning yourself crazy with all the information and fake news circulating the internet at this time, it is super important that you stay woke about the virus and wash your hands.

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