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By  | Mar 23, 2022, 03:01 PM 

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Our very own Tswana queen and media mogul Connie Ferguson has joined the Pink Day Family in partnership with Lions Cricket and Cricket South Africa. She continues to take parts in courses that really matter.

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Actress, TV producer and actress Connie has taken yet another stand for a course that matter and really close to her heart. Taking it to social media, The Queen actress came out dripped in pink in partnership with the Lions Cricket as well as the Cricket South Africa as the newly appointed chairperson to this worthy course.

Looking all glamorous in a pink and white maxi dress, we witnessed Connie Ferguson being appointed as the new Chairperson for the PINK ODI FUND family. According to the Lions Cricket, Connie’s role within this Non-Profit Organization are simple and concise in advocating against the cancer and provide support to cancer patients across the country.

“Mrs. Connie Ferguson will play a pivotal role in advancing the achievement of the Non-Profit Organisation’s (NGO) objectives including the promotion of breast cancer awareness, dispelling various preconceived myths around breast cancer across all gender and support the nominated fund recipient to provide breast cancer health care services and research” wrote Lions Cricket

Joined by some of South Africa’s most prominent and media personalities, Connie Ferguson was amongst the people who believes in worthy course and advocating for alleviation of societies. Amongst the attendees was Miss South Africa Lalela Mswane who has had her fair share of drama while advocation for what she believed what correct. This followed after against all odds, including her country pulled out from supporting her while she went to take center stage at the Miss Universe Pageant that was held in Israel.

We have come know and love Connie Ferguson for always being the beacon on hope and giving others opportunities in her field of expertise. Her successful Ferguson Films that she founded with her late husband Shona Ferguson has given a number of emerging actors and actresses opportunities to star in major television shows. At the same token, Connie has had her fair share of drama and bad publicity where the Ferguson Films was concerned

Recently, the rumors surrounding one of her most popular TV shows to be biting the dust have gained too much momentum. With all the back and fourths that has been happening on social media, it does look like The Queen will be filming its latest episodes as it is rumored to end filming early 2023. 

However, the Ferguson Films has rubbished all the rumors that has been making rounds on social media about their show being cancelled. Taking it to social media to dispute the speculations, the Ferguson Films announced with its chest that they were not going anywhere and they are here to stay.

However, despite all the trial and tribulations Connie continues to be strong, resilience and we love this for her. She has presented the will power that is one for the books, since at the age of 19 years-old when she left Botswana to go and pursue her acting career in South Africa. Since then, she has never looked back but instead has grown from strength to strength through the storms.

Adding to some of her new responsibilities that she will be taking as the new chairperson for the PINK ODI FUND, the organization has announced that she will be undertaking various roles to creating relationships even with the external sources of the organization.

“Mrs. Connie Ferguson will work with various stakeholders to promote the objectives of the NGO including the members of the FUND namely Cricket South Africa CEO and Lions Cricket CEO,” says THE PINK ODI FUND Company Secretary Wanele Mngomezulu.

We like to wish Connie Ferguson a fruitful journey with the PINK ODI FUND family and we trust she will deliver like the champion that we all know and love.

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