Charma Gal's Lockdown Chronicles

It's rough out here!

By  | Apr 09, 2020, 12:45 PM  | Charma Gal 

It's barely been a fortnight since we began the government imposed 28 day lock down, things are already falling apart.

While we rushed to stock up on food in anticipation of the lockdown we are sad to report that, that food is all but gone :(

Charma Gal might be in the same predicament. The musician took to Facebook to complain that she needed someone to manage her refrigerator because she couldn't do it anymore.

She along with her family are visiting her fridge more often than not.

Her fans told her that they too had been visiting their own fridges all day. Someone even said they are going as far as locking the fridge door and hiding the keys.

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Jokes aside Charma Gal has also been vocal about people taking care of themselves due to the Covid -19 outbreak. 

Stay home ,stay safe ,wash your hands with soap ha o sena sanitizer jaaka nna jaana , we love you😘😘😘

Apart from her fridge being unmanageable, the songstress has gone back to her crocheting hobby to pass time.

Main Image Credit: botswanayouth