Celebrity Kids With Instagram Accounts

They are definitely worth following

By  | Jul 16, 2021, 03:39 PM 

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With their fascinating Instagram posts, they keep us glued to our phones. These celebrity children are gradually becoming celebrities themselves, inheriting their parents' greatness and we are here for it.

Despite being young, they know how to set the internet ablaze. They have everyone eating out of their hands. As celebrity kids are born, we often want a glimpse of them, but occasionally their parents shield them from the spotlight. False accounts are frequently created by impostors using their names to get followers but their parents slam them.

We all have to wait for the big reveal or when they open social media accounts for them. We take a look at Botswana's celebrity kids with Instagram accounts.

1. Baby Amara.

Baby Amara has arguably become one of our favorite celebrity kids in the country. The 1-year-old has become a social media sensation and she oozes self-confidence for days. Amara has the ability to captivate us with her beautiful face and contagious smile, which makes it impossible not to be in awe of this bundle of joy.

Amara is the daughter of multi-talented comedian William Last KRM. She has over 11k followers on Instagram. She regularly updates her Instagram account with pictures of herself and her parents. We often find ourselves in awe of her bond with her father as they often play together and leave us rolling on the floor with laughs.

In 2020, her father released his debut album and Amara, is the inspiration behind the album's title. "My album and my whole life are dedicated to you, my baby girl!!! Your dad is trying...I LOVE YOU FOREVER," wrote William.
2. Alicia Ferguson.

Alicia has garnered a following of more than 130 000 followers. She is the daughter of Connie Ferguson and Shona Ferguson. After making her debut on social media, Alicia took the nation by storm, showing us how close she is to her family.

Art is her passion, so her content on Instagram reflects that. She plays instruments and dances as well. Her love of fitness does not go unnoticed. She is often spotted at the gym with her mom. Alicia is definitely worth following on Instagram.

Her matric final examination results were released in January 2021, and she passed. Connie Ferguson took to social media to gush about her daughter's achievement, and she was beaming with pride. In a lengthy post on her Instagram post, she expressed how proud she was.

3. Baby Amari.

The son of media personality Berry Heart has everyone wrapped around his little finger. He has a following of nearly 1000 on Instagram.

Amari celebrated his first birthday recently. In a post today Berry Heart celebrated him and motherhood. She described the motherhood journey as a beautiful experience.

"Choosing my son @babyamaribw as he turns 1 year on the 14th of June. Motherhood is such a beautiful thing.❤️"

Image Cred: Twitter
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