Boitshoko Kebakile's House Of Divinty BW Thrives!

Actress Viola Davis Can't Get Enough Either

By  | Oct 22, 2020, 12:49 PM 

Boitshoko Kebakile is the owner and founder of House of Divinity BW, a fashion accessories and jewelry  brand that has grown to exceptional heights since it was first established.  Her jewelry collection consists of  the most elegant pieces and people cant get enough of the brand.

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 In exciting news for the brand, is a repost from award winning actress, Viola Davis who took to her social media to share a lovely picture of herself and  family adorned in @houseofdivinitybw jewelry.
The talented beauty has taken the handcraft and accessory design to greater heights and has designed for many celebrities across Africa and now she is international. Her work has received a lot of support throughout the years and Boitshoko has every reason to be proud. 

Her brand, House of Divinity is the result of a combination of  personality, together with a keen interest in entrepreneurship and lastly exceptional talent in design.  Boitshoko often credits her studies in International Relations and Applied Economics at WITS (The University of the Witwatersrand) for empowering her and turning her into a visionary and an entrepreneur who sought to contribute to her country’s economic diversification programme.

House of Divinty BW has exhibited at a number of fetes and stalls, which include the University of Botswana’s advertising association’s symposium of branding for SMMES (2013) , Gaborone Fashion week (2012), Colonial Collection International Fashion Show, Lusaka , Zambia (2011) and one of the biggest moments was having Anita Quansah, who is also an international top player in the business of handcrafted accessories, wear a pair of earrings she made. There is no doubt more is yet to come for Boitshoko and her brand!

Image Credit: kebakile