Berry Heart Praises Her Baby For Becoming An Entrepreneur

He is only five months old

By  | Nov 05, 2020, 06:31 PM

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Botswana’s very own, Berry Heart, is passing down her business savvy attitude to her almost five-month-old son, Amari, as he is already the owner of his own company. The baby-entrepreneur is well on his way to making bank, having begun trading his new clothing line on Monday, 2 November 2020, of course with the help of his mommy. 

In an Instagram post on Monday, Berry documented her baby’s career milestone with, “Congratulations to @amarisokesi for Trading today. Welcome to real life son, I can't wait to see Entrepreneurship knocking you down your knees, elevating you and giving you a smile. The experience is amazing!”. His collection of clothing, which again was designed by adults (in case you were wondering), is being sold at the Mmamontle store in Molapo Crossing, Botswana.

A few days earlier, Berry shared an update on the growth of baby boy, showing that he is now able to lift his head and laugh whilst doing his tummy-time. The new mama has been reluctant to share videos of her son, making this one a rare occurrence. She captioned the post with, “The only perfect part of my life”.
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The only perfect part of my life @amarisokesi

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Last month, on Thursday, 15 October 2020 Berry celebrated Amari’s four-month birthday in the post extravagant way possible – by giving him his very own company. Berry stated, “Happy 4-months birthday gift from mommy @berryheart. A registered Logo & company. The new mother gifted her son a company which comes with a store, and is named after him – Amari. The logo includes a profile image of a penguin, which also happens to have a coloured beak that is expected to resemble a child’s colouring. 

Whilst Berry kept the content of the company a secret for the first few days, on Sunday, 18 October 2020, she revealed that the company was called – Amari Clothing, and is expected to retail children’s clothes. The first items of clothing showed two bucket hats. The pieces came in a sold white and solid green colour and showed a children-like design. The patter included rockets, music notes, molecular symbols and stars, and also incorporated the Amari logo at the middle of the cap. 

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