Berry Heart Is In Mourning

She is shattered

By  | Jul 26, 2021, 12:58 PM 

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Berry Heart's household is a bit heavy today as they mourn the loss of a loved one.

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The poet took to her Instagram account to share the heartbreaking news. In an emotional post, Berry revealed that her baby fur Peace Poppy was born in March and that she was killed by their other family dog.

She reminisced about all the happy memories they shared. "If there is anyone who has been with me through thick and thin is Poppy. Born in March 2015 was this awesome daughter, a well-trained Maltese Poodle who was human apart from that she couldn't speak. I remember one day I was so heartbroken and I called her for a meeting and told her everything.

As I sobbed, she jumped into my lap and licked tears from my cheeks. There were happy times too that I would celebrate a milestone in my life, book a hotel room, sneak her in, and pop champagne she would happily jump up and down the bed. When she had done something wrong, she would crawl with shame between my legs as I shout at her. Oh, Poppy. What a mighty great dog. You will forever be loved!" she shared.

She recently wrote a sweet letter on her blog Berry Heart's Blog in which she shared some interesting details about her relationship with Brian. She said she has found the one now and gushed about him.

"He encouraged me to be who I truly was. Some of us talkative and confident women do scare men away, especially those will low self-esteem. With him, he is my biggest support. I know very well that I have big scary dreams and all I ever needed from a man was to give me the strength to believe in myself and reach for my wild dreams. 

He inspires me to grow and reach for stars. He is in Real Estate and I'm in the creative arts but he showed me a high appreciation for my creativity and my authenticity. Intelligent women like me just need the platform to showcase their ideas. Have you ever been in a home where every idea you come up with is regarded lame? Even if you know it can help bring money home,? she said.

The couple has crafted such an inspiring love story and although Berry admitted that things were not that easy when they started she shared that she made her feel safe and calm.

"I did not fall in love with him but I consciously walked into love with him easily. Yes, the first stage was a bit challenging because I brought anger, mistrust to the new relationship. Please if you can, leave those with the toxic relationships you were in. Raagwe Baby Amari made me feel safe, calm, and peaceful. A lot of things unfolded naturally."

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