Alicia Receives A Special Gift

It was accompanied with a touching letter

By  | Sep 22, 2021, 11:06 AM 

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As Alicia Ferguson has been grieving the passing of her father Shona Ferguson, she has not been posting much on her Instagram account, but yesterday was a different story. She shared a gift she received from an Instagram user named Khanyisile Lesedi Ngcobo on her Instagram stories and it melted our hearts.

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Alicia received a package of chocolates and a customized music plaque with Alicia and Shona's photo and a message. Along with Khanyisile's gift was a most touching letter comforting her for the loss of her father.

Khanyi chose Frank Ocean's song God's Speed for the plaque because the musician says "I'll always be there for you" and that was Shona's promise to his daughter.

Expressing her gratitude for the gift Alicia share, "Thank you so much for the gift words can not express how much this means to me."

Alicia was very close to her father and in an emotional eulogy at Shona's funeral. She said as a child her father motivated her to break out of her shell and said she promises to make him and the family proud.

“My father motivated me to take bigger steps in life that I would have taken. I am thankful that he enabled me to do that. In the past, I was a child who is very much in the shell and he opened that shell. I realised that now and it means a lot to me. He made me a promise that he will always be on my side no matter what comes. I also make a promise to you to carry on with the legacy and make you and the family proud,' she said.

She said she and Shona had a weird relationship because of their similar characteristics. "My father and I, we had a weird relationship. Some people would swear that we hated each other, but it was far different than that. I think the main thing was because he and I are so alike in terms of our characteristics, how I look a lot like him."

Alicia's mom Connie recently took to Instagram to let us know she misses her husband's random visits on set.  In a post, she said, "I miss you. I miss your random visits to set. I miss you deliberately trying to annoy me. I miss you crushing on me all the time. I just miss you so much! I love you forever.🕊🤍🤍🤍"

Connie often opens up about their carpet Sunday remembering what they used to do together, "Today is carpet Sunday. I miss my person. Every Sunday we'd just lie on the carpet and talk about everything under the sun or nothing at all. We'd just lie here and be with each other. I miss his physical presence so much but I feel in spirit that he is still with me.” Shared Mam Connie.

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