Alicia And Lesedi's Final Words To Shona

Alicia promises to carry on his legacy

By  | Aug 05, 2021, 11:04 AM  | Alicia Ferguson 

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Alicia Ferguson and Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson paid a moving tribute to their late father Shona Ferguson yesterday during a virtual funeral service. The actor died of COVID-19 related complications last Sunday and he was laid to rest in a private funeral service attended by his family and close friends. His youngest daughter Alicia, has promised to carry on with his legacy.

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In an emotional eulogy, Alicia said as a child her father motivated her to break out of her shell and said she promises to make him and the family proud.

“My father motivated me to take bigger steps in life that I would have taken. I am thankful that he enabled me to do that. In the past, I was a child who is very much in the shell and he opened that shell. I realised that now and it means a lot to me. He made me a promise that he will always be on my side no matter what comes. I also make a promise to you to carry on with the legacy and make you and the family proud,' she said.

She said she and Shona had a weird relationship because of their similar characteristics. "My father and I, we had a weird relationship. Some people would swear that we hated each other, but it was far different than that. I think the main thing was because he and I are so alike in terms of our characteristics, how I look a lot like him."

Lesedi also delivered a powerful eulogy and said Shona protected his family despite the many battles he fought in silence.

“There are many fights he fought in silence to protect us as the family. The lesson we take from him is to work hard and chase things we want in life. Some of the qualities we learned from him were to fight for your family and never stopping being yourself.”

"The one thing you could never take away from him was his ability to love loudly and his fearlessness in doing that. It's almost like the louder he loved, the stronger and more powerful he became."

Lesedi also went on to say that they always knew that Shona was around with his scent that you could smell from the stairs.

“Dad came into my life 20 years ago. We always knew when dad was around because of his laughter and because he always smelled good. He impacted our lives in so many different ways.

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