A Mother & Son Bond

Gail & Khumo Mabalane are inseperable

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM

There is nothing like a bond between mother and child and seeing how in love Gail is with her one-year-old son can make anyone without kids, want kids immediately.

A few weeks ago, Gail and Kabelo Mabalane who have two kids together celebrated their son's 1-year-old birthday alongside their first born Zoe.

The birthday was filled with laughter, happiness and lots of cake and other sweet delicacies for the little ones.

But most importantly, the birthday was filled with lots of love for the little guy.

In a heart-felt message dedicated to her son - Gail Mabalane wrote how much of a great blessing and light he has brought into their lives.

Here's parts of what she said in the letter:

“Feels like only yesterday that we welcomed you, our second baby into the world. We showered you with love, kisses and wrapped you in your first tiny little Huggies nappy. I remember waking up that Wednesday morning and thinking…today is the day I get to meet you…and it was. You were born at 14:00…2hours after my arrival at the hospital. We connected in an instant…it is amazing how time flies, the past year literally flew by as I adjusted to being a new mom…again…and I continue to try and balance it all. It’s been a wild and exhilarating ride."

Gail continued to add that Khumo's presence in her life has taught her so much about herself and about the love she is capable of giving.

Gail also commended her son for being such a determined young fella who continued to push himself when he first took his first steps and no matter how many times he fell, his determination to keep walking inspired mommy Gail very much.

How Cute?

What's even more cute is that Gail has had the pleasure of gracing the covers of Living And Loving magazines with both of her beautiful babies.

This is she with her daughter - Zoe.

And here she is again with baby Khumo.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@GailMabalane